Andrew Blue EP

by Andrew Kahrs

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Click on individual track names to read notes on the writing/recording process of each song.

This is the beginning; my first official studio-recordings. I was putting together my first band, still in college, and getting my singing/songwriting feet wet. I'm playing everything on the album except drums. Enjoy!


released September 1, 2011

Andrew Kahrs - rhythm/lead/slide guitar, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards
Nick Robbins - drums
Nate Nelson - producer




Andrew Kahrs Athens, Georgia

Raised on country and Americana and awakened by blues and soul; Andrew Kahrs is committed to expressing the joy and heartache of everyday life.

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Track Name: Been Meanin' To
Well you know that I been meanin' to
Find someone who could see me through
But it never takes long, Lord, after I start
To remember I ain't good at pleasin' this heart

Tried as i done, man, it ain't no fun
Tryin' to chase them girls always on the run
And I hope someday maybe I'll learn to
Just be happy with someone like you

How many times have I heard no?
Like as soon as I knock, in my face gets slammed the door
Is it how I ask or is it just me?
One thing I learned, you know, this shit ain't easy

So I'll take my time, Lord, searchin' this town
Lookin up and down, til one finally comes around
'Cause damn, man, you know that I been meanin' to
Find someone who could make me new
Track Name: Washed Away
Well it had only been a couple of days
Before it all got started
Never knew there were so many ways
To make me broken hearted
And even though all my friends,
They all would have listened
I just wanted to be alone
It ain't like they were missin

Then I don't know what it was
All I know is it was magic, because
It seemed all my problems of the day
Got washed away

It happened before a time or two,
And I know you been there too
One of those days the sun don't shine
No matter what you do
When even if you pray to your God
Down on your knees
Can I just get some kind of break?
My father, wont you please?

And then it must be an answer to a prayer
'Cause you know it came from thin air
And it seemed all my problems of the day
Got washed away

I think I know what makes me so
Happy and carefree
And well, my friends, I think it lives inside of me
And when I just take all the world
For all that it's worth
I just find I can't help myself
From lovin' all the Earth

And who knows what? It don't really matter 'cause
All I know is I'm no longer stuck
And it seemed all my problems of the day
Got washed away
Track Name: Whatchu Gotta Know?
Whatchu gotta know about me?
For me to become your baby
What do I have to do,
To spend I my time with you?

Well I tried to tell you once or twice
That I know it wasn't very nice
When I hurt your friend
Well it won't happen again


Well I know it wasn't long ago
When you saw me walk out the door (dough)
But I'm telling you my dear, oh my dear
You don't have nothin' to fear

Girl you know I'm thinkin' 'bout
How you must have so many doubts
But I'm tellin' you the only thing I can do
Is to stand up here and shout

Track Name: Where I'm Coming From
I'm gonna tell a story to you my friends
But I don't know how it ends or where it even begins
It's more of a tale of the things I heard
While tryin' to get by on this good ol' Earth
When I was young my sister said, "Boy, understand;
Be open to the voices of the women.
Because I really love ya and ya can't become
One of those guys who can't tell right from wrong."

Where I'm coming from

A few years back I had a friend die in a car crash
I still don't understand how one can leave us so fast
But if there's one thing that I learned I wish to pass
It's that love, oh, it always lasts
And when I later heard one from my family died
I began to feel, after my tears had dried;
That maybe, oh, just maybe this is a blessed day
It's one more angel to brighten all of our way

Where I'm coming from

It didn't take long after I heard my daddy sing
For me to realize that's what I wanted to be
But I'm barely talkin' bout the way the sang
I'm more concerned with the joy he brang
Every time that I sit down to play with sound
I'm only tryin' to add to the joy I feel all around
The music, oh, the music is so profound
I once was lost, but now I'm found

Where I'm coming from
Track Name: World Girl
Well I traveled the world, girl
Since you been gone
Now that you're back babe
I'm where I belong
See, I went to Spain
But I couldn't find my thing
And I went to France
But I think I'll take a dance

With you (oh you)
My girl (my girl)
With you
My world

Well there's so many beauties
Across the land
But nothing's as good, girl
As holding your hand
See, I spent the evening
With an Indian queen
But that night in my sleep, girl
Ooh, I dreamed of you

Well I wandered the halls, girl
Of the Aztec tombs
But I stopped and I cried, girl
In Moctezuma's room
So I went to Kenya
To hear happy drums
But all I could do, girl
Was, mmm, hum